Happy New Year to all and hope things have started off nice and smoothly as work and the weekly grind begin anew this year. Getting back into the swing of things, AIW is kicking off this month with fourteen predictions, of which I’m hoping some will actually come to full fruition, while hoping others don’t. Also, be on the lookout for further enhancements to the blog including a stock portfolio tracker in the coming weeks so you all can keep me honest with trade recommendations.

1.  The broader domestic U.S. stock markets will see at least a 10% correction from 1/1/2014 levels. I think the DJIA could go as low as 14k before possibly rebounding.

2.  The civil war in Syria will rage on. The United States will once again need to decide whether it will intervene or not.

3.  Both Gold #GLD and Natural Gas #UNG will end the year higher than their last tick 12/31/2014

4.  The Federal Reserve will keep interest rates at near 0% through 2014 with no increases occurring until at least 2015. This runs counter to #1 (above) but it could happen!

5.  Tesla Motors #TSLA will end the year above $200 / share- yes there’s still time to get in!

6.  The Obama administration will strike a full deal with Iran. It will remain to be seen how serious the regime is about peaceful use for nuclear material.

7.  Obamacare will face mounting pressure as bureaucracy and higher prices will test the law’s ability to stand permanently on its own feet.

8.  Republicans will maintain control of the House of Representatives. They may have a shot at retaking the Senate but that chamber will be very close right till election day.

9.  Emerging markets will continue to outperform their North American / Western European counterparts. Look to countries like Brazil #EWZ / India #TTM, and China feeders Japan #EWJ / Australia #EWA broader markets to hold up nicely.

10.  Privacy: after Target’s most recent breach will become a much larger issue as more individuals and enterprises experience hack attacks which often compromise important personal, financial and medical data. Look at companies like Symantec and Barracuda Networks #CUDA to gain traction.

11.  The health craze will continue and Whole Foods / Trader Joe’s imitators will begin to emerge. In other news, expect the debate on GMO food safety and labeling to heat up further still.

12.  Healthcare and biomedical science industries will continue to show strength in the US and abroad due to aging populations and searches for cures to new diseases.

13.  Watch out Colorado and Washington- there gonna be a high test of the new marijuana laws in these states. Stiff regulation and monitoring will help these infant industries grow safely.. so long as they don’t appear to cause harm to the population at large.

14.  China will overtake the United States in terms of GDP… Naw, that ain’t gonna to happen this year. Maybe in 2015+ though!


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